Filterpure Poly Spun 10″ Cartridge 20 Micron

  • Filterpure Polyspun Water Filter

Filterpure Poly Spun 10″ Cartridge 20 Micron


Filterpure Poly Spun Cartridge Elements provide high efficiency filtration for reduction of sediment in water supplies. 
Water passes through the spun cartridge offering superior results.

The dual gradient poly spun cartridges offer the cost effective benefit of 25 micron filtration down to 1 micron filtration at the core eliminating the need for two individual filters and housings.

Filterpure Poly Spun Elements are ideal for filtering:
- Mains drinking water
- Rainwater
- Dam water
- Bore water
- Process water
- Pretreatment for UV disinfection

Features & Benefits
Filtrepure cartridges are:
- Easily installed
- Made from high purity polyethylene & polypropolyene cartridge materials free of binders

Removes or reduces:
- Sediment
- Rust
- Asbestos
- Parasitic Cysts

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Product Description

Polypropylene Spun replacement cartridge – 1PS10 – 10” 6 month life.
Typically not re-usable, suitable for cyst reduction.


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